Jiangmen shipyard: the development of ancient shipbuilding technology

2020-08-21 09:35:40

Raft and canoe

In the early primitive society, the primitive ancestors lived on fishing, hunting and catching, and their activities were limited to areas close to the water. They urgently needed something to get more food and resist the damage of floods. Later, the ancients saw the leaves as a boat and saw the floating wood as a boat. They invented the water transportation rafts, also known as the raft. After weaving wooden rafts, there were also wooden canoes and Shanmu boats.

Wooden boat

Spring and autumn and Warring States Period - wooden boat

In the Shang Dynasty, the ancients were no longer limited by the shape and size of the wood, but could be processed according to the data. In this way, the wooden boat appeared. In the spring and Autumn period and the Warring States period, due to the needs of water war, there were big wing, middle wing, small wing, tumao, Lou ship, bridge ship and other ancient warships.


Qin and Han Dynasties - Ships

During the Qin and Han Dynasties, the Qin and Han Dynasties combined the shipbuilding skills of the six countries, and produced many large boats. The ships could fly through the river and reach the sea. There were mainly varieties of boats, boats, boats, boats and scouts.


Sand boat

Northern and Southern Dynasties - sand boat

From the Three Kingdoms, the Jin, the southern and Northern Dynasties to the Sui, Tang and Five Dynasties, shipbuilding skills developed slowly, showing sand boats and began to set up watertight warehouses on ships.

Seagoing vessels

Song and Yuan Dynasties - sailing ships

In the song and Yuan Dynasties, "the water in the north of Huangtian port is like the sky in the north, and the wind masts are watching the merchant boats" is a true portrayal of the prosperous water transportation and trade in the song and Yuan Dynasties. The compass also began to be used in this period. Both the inland river ships and the navigation ships had a certain system.

Shipbuilding industry in Ming Dynasty

The heyday of Ming Dynasty. During this period, there were not only a large number of shipbuilding and planning, but also many types of ships, such as large and small yellow ships, express ships, Jianghan class ships, eight rowing boats, and pendulum boats; sea ships, such as sheltering ships and sealing boats; warships, sentry ships, wave boats, chain boats, Dafu ships, etc.

Modern shipbuilding industry

Modern shipbuilding is quite different from that of ancient times. In many places, a large number of automatic machines are used. The tonnage of ships is increasing and the flight is getting farther and farther. Most of modern shipbuilding is civilian bulk carrier, container ship and military cruiser.

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