• Jiangmen fishing boat factory: what basic equipment does a fishing boat have?

    The main engine power of the power plant fishing boat is generally 1.5 ~ 4.5 kW / T, some as high as 6 ~ 7 kW. Large and medium-sized fishing vessels and fishing base vessels are equipped with freezing and processing equipment, and the engine power is 65% - 85% of the main engine power. In order to improve the efficiency of the main engine, the engine, capture winch, refrigeration device and air compressor are often driven by the main engine, which increases the complexity of the power plant. The working conditions of trawlers, fishing inquiry vessels and longline fishing vessels are changeable. Adjustable pitch propeller and booster are often used to make rational use of the main engine power and improve the ship's performance


  • Jiangmen shipyard: basic framework structure of fishing vessels

    The basic framework structure of fishing vessels is the main framework structure of fishing vessels. The longitudinal skeleton plate has a long edge, a long length direction, a short edge width direction, and a small distance between longitudinal bones and a large distance between transverse girders. In the direction of long edge ship width and short edge length, the distance between transverse stiffeners is small and that of longitudinal girders is large. According to the strength and application requirements, the combination of longitudinal frame and transverse frame can be selected for some structures of ships. For example, longitudinal frame is selected for upper deck and bottom of some large cargo ships to increase the total longitudinal strength of the hull


  • Jiangmen shipyard: the development of ancient shipbuilding technology

    Rafts and canoes in the early primitive society, the primitive ancestors lived on fishing, hunting and catching, and their activities were limited to areas close to the water. They needed something urgently to get more food and resist the damage of flood. Later, the ancients thought of the fallen leaves as a boat and saw the floating wood as a boat, and invented the water transportation East-West raft, also known as the "Luo" and "Xiao". After weaving wooden rafts, there were also wooden canoes and Shanmu boats. The spring and Autumn period and the Warring States Period - in the Shang Dynasty, the ancient people were no longer limited by the shape and size of wood, but could be processed according to the data. In this way, the wooden boat appeared.


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