• Jiangmen floating dock factory: what is a dock?

    A long box shaped hydraulic structure built on the shore of a water area for repairing and shipbuilding is conventionally called a dock. The dock bottom is lower than the water surface, three sides are dock wall, connected with the shore, one side has dock mouth leading to water area, and has dock door. The dock was originally mainly used for repairing ships. With the development of large-scale ships, it is safer and more advantageous for ships of more than 100000 tons to be built in docks. Therefore, docks are also used for shipbuilding and are developing to large-scale. The traditional method of building a dock is to build a cofferdam in the water near the bank, drain the water in the dam, and then excavate the foundation pit for dry construction. If the dock is built in the harbor basin, or the foundation is sandy soil with great permeability or there are river sea cracks


  • Why does a piece of iron sink while an iron boat doesn't?

    Buoyancy Law: the object immersed in the liquid is subject to upward buoyancy, and the buoyancy is equal to the gravity of the object to displace the liquid. In other words, f float = g row = m row g = ρ liquid GV row g row: gravity of draining liquid m row: discharging liquid mass ρ liquid: liquid density V row: volume of liquid discharged (i.e. volume immersed in liquid). If it is a solid iron block, it must sink. Because the ship's interior is empty, so the ship's displacement in the water will be large, When the gravity of the drained water is equal to the weight of the ship, the ship floats. This is a matter of buoyancy, because the density of steel is greater than that of water


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